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My french-english 7y. son (Strasbourg)

I have been really busy during my 1st year in Strasbourg, arrived in Sept. last year, with my course and my internship. My courses are finished and I still have my dissertation viva in about one month.
I have to look for a job now (as a purchasing manager). But this is not this post subject !
In fact, I live with my 7y. son, who is french native but also manges quite well in english understanding and somehow speaking.
I am not an English native, but I wanted to offer my son an easy way to learn english instead of waiting some poor english language courses in primary school.
We have spent a week holiday in London and I could see my son being pleased talking english and reply to questions from the police officer at the passeport control gate at the airport !
My son has just told me he would enjoy meeting english speaking children here in Strasburg area because he feels it is something important to practise English. My son could also talk French (alternatively) if needed be.
I would also enjoy meeting people too, after a year with courses even on saturdays...
I have a lot of interests in organic and foreign food, hiking, showing around, music and photography...
Are there people interesting in a such proposal ?

N.B. : I live in Brumath... but we often spend time in Strasburg.

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