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Psychotherapist English/German/Turkish (Strasbourg)

Dear All,

I am Psychotherapist EMDR and MATH specialized and just relocated from Switzerland to Strasbourg. I am practicing in English, German, Turkish and of course in French. EMDR and MATH methods are applicable to every age from 3. applies for the treatment of trauma, emotional shocks, any type of harassment, burnout, separation, divorce, bereavement, domestic violence, incest, rape, distant childhood trauma, dysfunctions, obsessions, anxieties etc. EMDR and MATH is also adapted to other more daily life related problems phobias, claustrophobia, fear of flying, blockages or desire to stop smoking. Please feel free to pass over my contact to anyone looking for a short therapy as MATH and EMDR are short fast relieving therapies. You can also have a look to my website which will be soon available in English and German too Protected content

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