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Self Empowerment Facilitating (Strasbourg)

I am in the process of expanding my cherished career as a fully qualified professional Personal Performance Coach, (a "facilitator"as ı like to call it) to serve and "help people to help themselves" in their life's journey and progress towards their goals,
At present, living in Strasbourg, France, I mainly work over the phone or on Skype, with travel to U.K. or elsewhere, if necessary. I do coaching sessions in English or Turkish.
I dont profess to provide miracles with my coaching sessions but my personal and professional background has blessed me with certain skills and abilities and a credible, warm, empathic nature to guide people from every walk of life to lead a better, more fulfilling way of living ,to re-discover their inner potential, be they judges, lawyers or the (wo)man in the street. To facilitate their way and support them in being the best that they can be, no matter who they are..
My details and full CV can be found on my Linkedin page profile.

I would be most grateful for your interest and support in this quest to put me in touch with potential clients.
Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and/or there is any likelihood I can be of help and support to any of your connections,friends or family who desire change in their lives and who wish to be coached through making the changes,whatever they may be.
For those interested in being coached, you can also please just ask them to write to me, directly, so I can explain the process to them before they start any kind of session.
I can be reached on email and through Protected content

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