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Wanted: Well-Connected People! (Strasbourg)


Are you well-connected? I mean REALLY well connected?

Is your address book so BIG that you need a separate BAG just to carry it? ;-)

Do you have really good associations with CEOs, CFOs or senior management at medium-to-large companies?

You do? That's great! Then maybe we can help each other?

How? Let me explain. We're developers of a really cool way for companies to manage and translate published content - ads, brochures, catalogues, etc - faster and cheaper than they're doing it today. It's called QARTO ( Protected content ).

We're looking for people who can help us find:

- Customers
- Partners (i.e. resellers or OEMs)

In return, we'll give you a Finder's Fee for every organization that gives us business. How much is the Finder's Fee? Well, that obviously depends on a number of things. But with the right company the rewards are very persuasive!!

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Of course it does!

Get in touch and let's talk about it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Thanks for reading!

Gee Ranasinha
Email: Protected content

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