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Alexander Technique Lessons (Stuttgart)

The Alexander Technique:

Reduces stress
Improves posture
Reduces chronic pain
Improves coordination
Increases self-confidence

and much more!

The Alexander Technique is a practical method for making everything in life easier. This is achieved by improving and regaining ease and freedom of movement, coordination, and flexibility through the relationship between the head, neck, and spine.

People are born with an inherent use of themselves that is optimal for good balance and poise. Today‘s hectic lifestyles often result in less than ideal use of ourselves (e.g. slumping), and cause us to develop habits which are not conducive to that natural poise.

By working on the underlying causes of difficulties such as back and neck pain, RSI, breathing problems, etc., the Alexander Technique can have therapeutic effects.

The Alexander Technique is very popular with musicians, actors, dancers, and athletes, as it helps them to use themselves in a more efficient way, thus freeing them to achieve their maximum potential.

For more information or to arrange a lesson:

Kerin Black
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