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Drawing club (Stuttgart)

Hi guys! Here is an idea for those who like (and can) draw and for those who can't but always wanted to.
Once a month or 3 weeks( we pick the date) we just gather somewhere-, bring pencils, paints, paper and just draw. If there is someone here, who can teach us a bit, show something and wants to join us- that'll be great. If there is no one, we just do our best.
It's very hard to organize yourself to draw,even if you like to do that. But together, it is much easier. We all can draw the same, or everyone draws what he/she wants, but there is only one rule. You come, you draw.
In Russia and China, we did it in someone's apartment, we drank tea and talked- but here we can start at coffee shop or outside somewhere and then after a drawing session, get a cup of tea.
I am personally the most untalented person in terms of drawing. Kids are so much better than me. But, I found out, that even just moving your pencil or brush, leaving the marks on the paper is very enjoyable.
So, does anyone want to join?

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