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Events & Get togethers (Stuttgart)

I"m going salsa dancing tonight. Sunday Sept. 4 at Cafe am See (NIL) if anyone wants to join. I plan to be there at 8:30pm. It's located in Schlosspark.


By car:
First over the Heilbronner Strasse turn left into the "Wolfram Street" and the second Traffic lights turn right into "The Castle Garden."

At this traffic light the road is often blocked the entrance to the NIL, however, is free, which means our guests, suppliers and employees is allowed passage.

Second from the B 14 towards Bad Cannstatt: Exit station, turn left before the main station right in the street "Am Castle Garden", past the old bus station.

This should be locked entrance, go straight on at the main station / train station and turn right past the "Heilbronner Strasse" to the corner "Woframstraße". Turn right at the second and Traffic lights turn right into "Am Schloss garden." They go almost once around the station.

3rd Of the B 14 from Bad Cannstatt Coming: Right in the "Cannstatter road", turn north towards the station, at next traffic lights turn left into "Am Castle Garden."

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