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Flat issue when left (Stuttgart)

Dear all,
I am looking for some advise following my departure from Germany to return to France and my accommodation.
I lived for a year in Stuttgart in a residence run by an agency. A few weeks before my departure I noticed stains on my floor (it was a sole heating): my neighbor had the same problem. I informed the agency they confirmed that I would have to pay to redo everything: it cost Protected content from the bail): I found this exaggerated since there were 2 spots, but had no choice.
During the visit of the flat when i left, was noted that a drawer was a little bulging due to the humidity of the kitchen (it was a one-room studio), and I was told that if the repair would cost more than the deposit I would be contacted again.
Having not heard from him afterwards I deduced that the deposit had been enough (there was still Protected content left).
However this week 7 months later, the agency came back to me asking me to pay within 7 days Protected content the deposit was not enough to make the repair of a drawer (they told me to have to redo the whole kitchen).
I find it very exaggerated to ask to completely redo the kitchen and especially to come back to me 7 months later.
Do you know legally if they are within their rights? knowing that I have requested invoices and that they are neither in my name nor with the number of my apartment and that the sum of the invoices is not the amount requested.
Do you have any tips regarding this behavior? does anyone has legal knowledge?
Thank you very much in advance for your advice

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