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Looking for an apartment in Stuttgart !

Hi there !

I'm Thibault, I come from France and I will start a new job in Stuttgart soon. I'm 24 years old, got graduated last year and am currently looking for an apartment in Stuttgart.

I'm looking more precisely for an apartment to share, a room or a studio to live by myself that I can rent from the 1rst of September (at least for 6 months or 1 year).

I already looked online for some offers on the websites that were posted on this forum but I was thinking that maybe one of you guys are also looking for a new roomate or for someone to take over your room :)

I'm non-smoker, do a lot of sport and like to hang out with friends. French is my mother tongue but I also speak English and can handle a conversation in German.

Please let me know if anybody has an opportunity for me. I'll be in Stuttgart next week to look for a place.

I look forward to meeting you in Stuttgart through internations events.


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