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Moving to Germany from Canada (Stuttgart)

Hello. I'm a Canadian citizen looking to relocate to Germany, more specifically in the Waldshut-Tiengen area of the country. I was wondering if anyone could help me with what steps to take in order to proceed with this. I'm not sure if its the times we're living in but what I've found online is a little convoluted and somewhat confusing. I do have someone to help me find a place to stay, its the actual process of getting myself over there is where I need some assistance. Are there any Canadians living in Germany that can point me in the right direction as to where to start? Again, I know the times we're in right now so I am aware there may be a few extra hoops that I have to jump through. Initially it would be categorized as a short-term stay but I'm hoping it leads to long-term or perhaps even permanent. Any and all information is helpful and useful as well as greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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