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Poker! and English! (Stuttgart)


Dear Loveable Stuttgart members,

My name is David Mann and I am the Manager of the InterNations Member Relations team here in Munich.

Whilst I work in Munich, I don't live so close (more near Augsburg). I am also an avid Poker player and have recently been looking for places to play cash games.

I have found a decent game in FeutchWangen, about 1 or so hours from my home and was keen to enjoy this with a co-player or 2. By this, I mean on a regular monthly basis (once or twice a month on a Saturday night). The cash games there are buyins generally between €100 and - €500 and I would like to offer anyone who is interested to come along if you love poker and are keen on speaking English or wish to improve it.

I'm thinking Dinner, beers, Poker and English. What say you? :).

Hit my up either here or via Private message if you are keen.

Kind regards,

Stuttgart Forum