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Membership & Payment

Basic Membership

  • What is the InterNations Basic Membership?

Albatross Membership

  • What is the InterNations Albatross Membership?
  • What are the benefits of becoming an Albatross Member?
  • How can I become an Albatross Member/What is the upgrade process?
  • How can I change my membership period?
  • Why is the symbol for the InterNations premium membership an albatross?

Upgrade & Payment

  • What is the cost of an Albatross Membership?
  • What payment methods are currently available?
  • What is the money back guarantee?
  • Will my Albatross Membership be renewed automatically?
  • Will I receive an invoice for each payment made?
  • If my credit card is valid, why was my payment unsuccessful?
  • I was an Albatross Member but I’ve been downgraded. What happened?
  • I have moved locations, can I take my Albatross Membership with me?


  • How can I downgrade my account/cancel my Albatross Membership?
  • What does it mean when I downgrade my account?