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Messaging & Networking

My Messages

  • How can I send a private message to another member?
  • How many private messages can I send in one day?
  • How can I control who is allowed to send me private messages?
  • What do I do if I receive an unwanted private message?


  • What is a Twinkle?
  • What options do I have when someone twinkles me?
  • How can I prevent someone from twinkling me again?

My Network

  • How can I add someone to My Network?
  • How can I see when I have a pending contact request?
  • How can I invite someone to My Network who is not yet a member of InterNations?
  • Why am I receiving a message saying that I have exceeded my contact requests limit?
  • I've accidentally sent a contact request. Can I undo this?
  • How can I remove someone from My Network?
  • What happens when I block another member?
  • How can I block another member?

Invite Friends

  • How can I invite my friends to InterNations?

Search Members

  • What is the Members of Interest section?
  • How do I search for other members on InterNations?