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how about your personality and cross-cultural adap (Surabaya)


this is reasearch for expats, about your personality and cross cultural adaptability in indonesia. please help,

Dear Respondens,

i'm Diah Ayu Rachma, student of Airlangga University at Psychology major,
i created this questioner form purposed for my last ESSAY research subject sampling.
The criteria of needed subject sampling are :
1. Foreign people who work in Indonesia
2. Have been staying in Indonesia at least a year.

If you think that you are suit for the criteria, please consider for participating fill this questioner form.

this is the link

Please fill this questioner form without pressure, as true as your condition is, as you believe, as you thought, and you are freely choose the condition/answer as near as your real condition.
This questioner form data will be guaranteed confidentiality, only used for educational purpose, and your personal information will not published.
All data and information you give will only used once for this research, will not use for further purpose without your permission.

I really appreciate for your time filling this form,
and thank you very much for helping me finish this last essay research.

Best regards,

Diah Ayu Rachma
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Psychology Faculty of Airlangga University

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