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New home needed for pet dog (Surabaya)

We are an English family, and we arrived in Surabaya last year with our own dog. Fairly soon we had also adopted 4 cats, and about 7 weeks ago we also managed to acquire a local dog who we suspect had escaped from it's home, or been abandoned. She is approximately 1 year old, and in good health. She is a cross breed of various different varieties, including some Shar Pei (some wrinkly fur on her head and blue patches on her tongue). She is medium size, and shaped like a Whippet. When she first arrived she was quite unruly and boisterous, but she has calmed down a lot already, and will even sit and hold her paw up for treats, so there is an intelligent dog in there somewhere...
She is actually very good on the lead (better than our other dog). She is no trouble with our cats, they all get along OK. We would love to keep her, but she is not able to get along with our other dog (they are both female and both want to be the dominant dog). So rather reluctantly we would like to find a new, caring home for her. I believe she would make a good pet for someone with the time to give her some attention, who also has some space and a garden. She enjoys walks, so needs regular exercise. If you are interested, or know of someone who might be interested, please reply!

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