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Moving to Suzhou


My partner, my two kids and myself are moving to Suzhou in January and I would be very grateful if you could help me with some information.
Is there an expat compound (good area with facilities) close to the main Shanghai / Nanjing railway stations ? If so how long drive by taxi ?

What is the approximate price for a 4 bed villa or 4 bed apartment to rent per month in this area ?

Is there a good international school close to this area and if so how far and which one ?

Is it easy to find a reliable English speaking maid ?

Would you recommend any other ex pat areas and what is the approximate price levels and how far from the train stations ?

What schools are in these areas ?

If we wanted to live by the lake or green areas what would you recommend? Are these areas well connected for transport and local facilities?

What is the best way to look for teaching posts in Suzhou ?

Do you think Suzhou is a good environment for boys aged 10 and 4 ?

How do you rate the health care in Suzhou and is the standard as good as Europe ?

Are there any guides available on the best way to rent property in Suzhou, pit falls and advantages ?

thank you,


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