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Ni Hao !!!!!!!!!!

I hope the topic Where to/ How to... will be very useful for all of us. I belive that all the people living abroad are always looking for something that they have back in their countries or finding a way to do something that in their countries would work in a different way.

If you have anything to ask or any tip to share... go ahead :-)

Below is my humble contribution.

City Guides

Protected content (I love this website... for me it's the best... updated quite often and with a nice Listings section)
Protected content (this is website is quite new... good layout and already with many interesting information)
Protected content (not just touristc information as the name may suggest)
Protected content (scroll down a bit the page and you'll find a directory with many sections)
Protected content (for night life fans)
Protected content (I discovered this recently... still have to explore)

Expat Association in Suzhou

Protected content (more business oriented)
Protected content (more family oriented... this is the new website... the old one Protected content is the one you'll find searching at google, but it's not being updated anymore)

Magazines and Newspapers covering Suzhou

Protected content (web version of the magazine with a activities calendar about what going on in the city)
Protected content (I never saw a hard copy of this magazine... some people told it was replaced by what's on suzhou... anyway the website still have interesting information on it)
Protected content (this is the old website of OPEN magazine... I could never open the new website Protected content
Protected content (It's a mix of english and chinese magazine covering Jiangsu in general)
Protected content (kind of the only news website in english I found about Suzhou)

Travel guides about Suzhou

Protected content (I believe it's some kind of official website promoting Suzhou)
Protected content ( plenty of information organized as wikipedia)
Protected content (well organized, indicating top attractions and many other section)
Protected content (not so deep in information, but well organized)
Protected content (blog style)
Protected content (a bit ugly but with review references and comments about other users)

If you know other websites with references about Suzhou, please do let me know.


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