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Your Name Sponsoring Art Catalogue/Exhibition (Suzhou)

Offering honor, fame, glory, your name, or your company’s name (or advertising) in an art catalogue in a local exhibition about an expat’s experience in Suzhou. The art exhibition is at KunChef in KunShan, slightly east of Suzhou city. The exhibition will be for three months, beginning on New Years Day.
The exhibition and catalogue feature art and travel writing predominantly about an expats experience in Suzhou, China. I feel that the catalogue alone would be a nice thing to take away from China when you return to your home country.
An art catalogue for the exhibition is on America’s (Look for Dave Alber: Travel Art: Intimations.)
I plan to make a bilingual catalogue available here in Suzhou and Kunshan, China. However, the printing will cost some money. Therefore, I am looking for sponsors and advertisers to offset the printing costs. Sponsors will have their name listed with great thanks within the art catalogue, and advertisers will, of course, have an advertising spot (a page or part of a page.)
Consider… wouldn’t it be nice to have your name sponsoring an art catalogue? How often do you have the opportunity to live like a Rockefeller? Wouldn’t that make a nice keepsake from China? Or gift for your spouse? Or wouldn’t it be good PR to show your company’s sponsorship of the arts?
Art for the exhibition is online at Protected content . I’ll post more exhibition information here and on QQ as the date approaches. Please contact me to see your name in the art exhibition catalogue. Please contact me if you want to help build the arts.
A Short Fable About Community:
When I was in Kathmandu, Nepal… I was walking one morning through a hilly suburb where I noticed that the children of the neighborhood were exempt from school in the morning so that they could tie steel rods together with little pieces of wire to help build the road. While the local men were mixing concrete and doing the heavy lifting that was required, the children were doing their part. I felt deeply moved by the experience… and knew that years in the future, when these children would be adults, they would still be able to look back on that morning of twisting wire around steel rods. They would say with pride… “Do you see this road? We helped build it.”

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