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2010 Mardi Gras Parade - this Saturday! (Sydney)

Join hundreds of thousands in lining the streets of Sydney to watch the colour, spectacle and outrageousness of the Protected content Gras Parade!

One of the most exuberant street celebrations in the world, the parade will take you on a sexy and bawdy rollercoaster ride through the ages, looking at gay history and shining a pink spotlight on some of mankind’s great figures and events.

There's no city in the world that comes out to cheer on its gay pride event quite like Sydney. So, whatever you do, make sure you’re part of this historical and magical journey of glitz, glam, flash and flamboyance – the perfect excuse to ruffle your feathers, comb your curls, buff your brawn and get in the groove.

When: Saturday 27 February, 7:45pm
Where: Oxford and Flinders Streets, Taylor Square
Darlinghurst, Sydney

Sydney Forum