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Anyone in AU on a partner visa? (Sydney)


The internet is failing me today and I'm having trouble figuring out the particulars of my work eligibility.

I am here because my husband is being sponsored by his company. His visa is called a Protected content his residency here is under the condition that he remain employed by this company. I believe my visa is also called a Protected content I was initially told it would allow me to work here without sponsorship.

However, after applying for dozens of jobs here without so much as a phone interview, I followed up with two organisations today who both told me I was rejected because they could only hire permanent residents for the roles.

Is this a requirement? Temporary residents cannot work permanent positions? Or is it just common? Or a coincidence? In other words, am I limited to only temp or contract jobs here?

If anyone here is on a partner visa or has a partner here, if they could shed some light on this I'd be grateful.

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