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Finding jobs before moving to Sydney?

Hi Everyone :)

I'm planning to move to Sydney within a year, but I'm not sure what's the best course of action to move to Australia. First of all, what's the best place where to start from? Small town or big city? I mean Sydney is a big city, but as every big city is expansive, the good point it's that since it's a big city there are more job opportunities. What do you think It's the better choice?
Does it make sense to try to find a job before arriving? It's common for companies hire people before their arrival? If yes where you can start to search for it (any particular website)?
Well last but not least important, what is the best season to move there? I would like to move there when here is starting to get cold, so september is any good?
I hope that my english is good enough :) I should take the IELTS but I'm a bit lazy, does it make sense to take the exam just to have it?
Well I think that that's all for today :)

Thanks for your patience :)

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