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Funding / sponsorship for artists in Australia (Sydney)

Dear all,

I am investigating ways of finding funding for my debut album release here in Australia.

Some facts: I'm Dutch, 23, singer/pianist and all international funding for artists by Dutch government (and via MCN) are cut due to the new policies. As for Australian funding; I am not an Australian resident and even though the album is an 'Australian product' (it's recorded here), I am not considered for any program by the local, regional and national councils.

With my singing and piano teacher wage I am unfortunately not in the position of being able to safe up for the project (mastering, promotion, cd pressing, venue-hiring, etc.), though, I really feel that once out there, it will be a rewarding success.

Now, I was hoping that some of you might have some ideas/answers to the question: Are there any (Dutch) companies based in Australia which are known to have sponsorship programs for artists? Or are there any grants I would be able to apply for as a non-resident?

I very much thank anybody who has some ideas/information!!!

Warm regards, Floor

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