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Jobs in audiovisual or spanish skills. (Sydney)

I'm a peruvian producer that feel ready to live and work outside my country.

I'm a line producer in Peru, and I worked for different groups of jobs around all Latin America (I travelled all Latin America). I worked and work in many projects in my country for photos, radio, tv spots, tv shows, short films, documentaries, and films; for peruvian and international channels like Discovery, Space, Disney, ARTE, RAI, etc.

In my eight years of experience in this business, my big skills are in head producer, line producer, production management, production coordinator, production designer, location manager/location scout, first/second director assistant, and script supervisor. Also I have a lot of interest in travels, photography, music, styling, cuisine, history, politics and society. I studied sociology before I started to work in audiovisual world.

I speak spanish, english, a little of french (I started to remembered it because until eight years ago I spoke perfectly french).

I’m really interested to moving abroad and started to get more experience outside my continent. I’m free to relocated in any moment.

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