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Looking for job search advice for part time job Sy (Sydney)

I'm an IT Analyst with 8 years experience. Just moved to Sydney with PR. Currently I need to get a part time job in any field in vicinity of Rosebery area to Sydney CBD. I tried various job portals for finding an admin or retail sales job but haven't got a response. I need advice on best ways to get a casual job quickly so that I can support myself. As per my experience I am well versed at people and process management, working with any software, handling task management, interacting with people. I have following questions.
How do I advertise my skills for such ( Casual sales/ support - no direct experience) jobs?
Which types of jobs should I be targeting?
How do I reach out to the employers?
What should my resume cover?
What should I mention in my last job? ( I was IT team's manager does that restrict me from getting a field job?)
I am personally interested in working as sales or support on field where I can interact with people. I see it as something which will keep me going and provide lot of learning of the new society I am becoming part of.
Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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