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Looking for people to show me around for a bit (Sydney)


Dear folks,

I've been romaing this website for a while, since I'm interested in moving to Australia in the next couple years.
This summer (or I guess winter down there) I'll take a 5ish week trip to Australia and am wondering what would be the best way to experience some of the day to day life.
I'd like to see Sydney, Perth, Darwin, and Brisbane, and possibly Melbourne.

I'd also like to go hiking; though I'm not an experienced hiker. Kinda maybe like Protected content hikes, none of that overnight stuff just yet...
Maybe try surfing a time or two (never tried before), and do other cool outdoorsy things like a "barbie" with people or whatever it is that comes to mind that you'd think would be fun too.

I guess I'm looking for a scout of sorts, at least in one place that I'll be.

I think by myself I probalbly wouldn't do many of these things (like who goes hiking by themselves), so maybe someone local would join up with me cuz they know the nice places, and I'd get to know the culture/attitude a little.
It'd be nice to make some friends down there so that when I go there permanently I wouldn't jump into frozen water and at least know a few people.

Is there anyone who'd be interested in doing such things together?

Idk why this says currently living in Australia here; maybe because I set this as "home community"?

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