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Looking to move to Australia to be with my partner (Sydney)

Hello everyone,

I am wanting to move to australia to be with my australian girlfriend.
However i keep getting confused about the visa's as they are constantly contradicting each other when i am looking further into them.

I am 24 years old, don't really have any diploma's as i have learned everything i know due to work experience.

I have read somewhere that the best way to go in this case would be a working holiday visa for a year (if needed extend it to another year) so i can get the 1 year relationship requirement to go for the partner visa. But then somewhere else i read that the immigration office doesn't like this and will turn your visa application down as soon as they figure out that you are doing this.

So my girlfriend and i are really confused about the things we can do, can't do, should or shouldn't do.

If there are any people here that could help us with some advice would be absolutely amazing thank you ever so much!!

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