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Massive International Phone Cards for Students (Sydney)

Hi everybody, we have a massive sale of International Phone Cards for students. If you are residing in Australia and worried about where to buy cheaper phone cards for calling your family,friendz or loved ones who stay overseas. We found a solution for your problem. Aussie Multiservices have variety of $10 phone cards for different countries. $10 phone cards for only $7.80 for calling India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and only $8.00 for calling other countries. And that's not all as Summer Season is approaching we also expanded our product line into paper products for parties, picnics, indian festivals such as poojas or Christmas. Our paper product ranges from:

Protected content Plastic Plates 9"x 11"
500/Ctn, 50/Pk, 10pks/Ctn,Tableware

(2)Round Plate-230mm Capri

(3)7" HKC Rnd Plate- desert plate

(4)Dessert Bowls

(5)Washing Powder 25kg bag

(6)Foam cup 237mm/ctn/1000
25/sleeve, 40 sleeves

(7)Plastic Cup Clear 200ml/1000/ctn
(8)Plastic Cup white 200ml

(9)Fork/Ctn/1000, 10pkt/100

Toilet Tissue
Protected content x 2Ply x48rolls/pkt
Protected content x 2ply x 48Roll/pkt
Protected content x 3ply x 48roll/pkt(95x95)
Protected content x 3Ply x 48r x(95x95)
Protected content x 2ply x 48R(95x95)
Protected content x 2plt x 48roll/pkt
Protected content x 2ply x 48R(95 x95)

(19)Jumbo Roll 2 ply 230m(8Roll/Ctn)
(20)Jumbo Roll 1 ply 430m(8Roll/Ctn)
(21)Facial tissue
270shts, Ctn/24bxs
180shts, Ctn/32bxs

Whether ur a student, living with families or a company/restaurant. We cater for everybodys needs. Whether u buy in small quantities or in bulk buying we are flexible and can arrange it for you. For more information about product pricing contact Dr. Rani on Protected content alternatively email us at: Protected content

Dr. Rani
Managing Director and CEO
Aussie Multiservices Pty Ltd(Sydney, Australia)

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