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Moving to Sydney and practical details

Hi there,

I might consider moving to Sydney with my current employer but I still need to finalize the financial package.
We recently relocated to South Africa and the experience didn't really pan out. You can google as much as you want but there's nothing better than advice from people living there who knos the pros and cons.

What I'd like to get advice on is the following :
- theoretically, once I have the work permit, my wife is allowed to work for any employer but what are the actual obstacles in practise ? I here refer to reluctance to hire European skills, ...
- what is the average rent for a 2 bedroom in Sydney and would living in the outskirts allow to save a lot on the rent
- what do you think a decent salary would. I know it all depends on your lifestyle but I mean the salary that allows you to live decently and fullfil basic needs, ie accommodation, food, transportation.

Thank you in anticipation.

Cheers !


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