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Opportunities in Australia? (Sydney)

I'd like to know if there are any good websites where I can meet employers online, to see what jobs are on offer in Australia. I'm considering making a move to Australia, as everyone says it's the country with the best opportunities. I'd like some feedback that's relevant to my situation, if possible.

I studied Evolutionary Biology in the University of Amsterdam. Not exactly the most practical of educations, but I'm hoping it might make me eligible for some sort of nature-related work. Or it could just be useful to prove that I'm of Master's degree level.
My Chinese wife speaks English, and has a Nursing degree. She may get a whole new degree in Australia, to meet job requirements. We also have a 5-month old son.

My particular expertise is not what the Australian Immigration department need, so I can't expect to receive any help with making the move. But I'm wondering what is the best way to go about things...

Is it possible to meet employers online? I'd prefer not to have to go on holiday just to hunt for a job invitation. I assume that with a formal job invitation, immigrating with my family will be relatively easy.

So, if any knowledgeable people can point out some places where I can talk with employers online, I'd be very grateful.

EDIT: Also, what are the best/fastest training courses to become eligible for a visa? I heard many people did courses for hairdresser or cook, and it made them eligible. I can do better than that, I think. Are there IT, journalism, electronics or other technical courses I could complete in a short time?

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