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September drinks feedback (Sydney)


What really blows me away is when least you expect it you get a glimpse into somebody else’s life and you transcend the banal and the superficial. After all, much of our working lives is spent talking about the weather and the weekend with colleagues. So when an occasion arises where you can explore real people and real issues, it makes one feel human again.

Last night I met Hyam the academic/lecturer. We talked at length about the interplay of culture and religion in shaping the values of society. She also educated me on the balance of events in the Iraq/Kuwait war. Most of all, we discussed how our personal history has shaped us as individuals.

I went on to meet an extraordinary woman who has very recently been through a life changing event, and talking to her, listening to her, I was humbled and felt privileged that she would share her story with me. We explored the notion of friendship together and it confirmed to me once again that we do not need many ‘friends’, just select people true to themselves and true to us. People who can enrich our lives and give us hope when we doubt ourselves.

There was also Forouzan, the travel consultant, who had a great sense of humour. Although she got sick and tired of me continually having to look at her name tag to recall her name. I redeemed myself, however, by introducing her to my friend Nurfer from Istanbul. Forouzan happens to be going to Istanbul for a holiday so they had a lot to talk about. So do you think Forouzan will help me get the cheapest ticket to Istanbul when I go back? You betcha!

There were obviously others who I met and chatted to, but the highlight for me were the above. How about you?

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