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The Success of Print Materials (Sydney)

Print materials have been around for hundreds of years as an integral marketing tool. However, the shift of today’s marketing strategies and focus has been centered on digital marketing that people are being skeptical of what lies ahead for traditional marketing materials. Warnings of print’s death have been spreading like wildfire over the course of time.

Indeed, many business are now completely migrating their advertising efforts towards the web because of its cost effectiveness, exposure potential and convenience. Online marketing offers a far wider scope of customers aside from the fact that identifying niche and lead generation is now possible with the use of the right marketing tool in the internet.

Although there is a great boost of digital marketing economy, it does not literally mean that traditional marketing is of great decline or is being ignored and neglected. Over the years, print marketing has also evolved along with the ever changing world but the concept of print and paper is basically its foundation.

“It is unbelievable how people still continue to accept print materials such as brochures and fliers despite the latest technological update around them”, Freddie Fowler, advertising consultant in Jakarta, Indonesia told the Peterson Group. “Take a look at Tokyo, for instance. That city where everything is high-tech from motion sensitive toilets to digital maps on bus stops still has posters pasted on their lamp posts”.

Is it perhaps because of the attributes these print materials have that makes it a challenge to put them into obsolescence?

Let us review the advantages these papers have over today’s digital tools:

• Tangibility – print materials are physical objects. You can store newspapers and magazines for years and take a look at them when you want to anytime and anywhere while internet ads can disappear into the cyber space
• Credibility – somehow, print materials give a sense of legitimacy amidst all the scams that happen in the internet. Fraudsters would not waste money, time and effort into printing large number of materials just to gain people whom they can deceive.
• Branding – Print ads are proven and tested to solidify your branding and identity.
• More Engaging – internet ads have time limits to follow. If you cannot attract your potential client in one glance, its game over for you. They will be looking into other’s sites and products. Print materials, even when it is disregarded at first glance promises attention.

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