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Advice about Hot Spots in Taipei and Kaohsiung

Hello! This is my first post so I'm quite nervous about the responses! I'm currently backpacking through Taiwan to see the sights and have a fun time. Me and my friend are heading toward Kaohsiung and plan on using the local trains to get around. Are there any places you'd recommend to get a good feel of the culture, perhaps meet friendly people, and try local delicacies? I've heard of Dream Mall, but supposedly it's far from the city center.. is there anywhere near Protected content 1st Rd? We're both in our upper 20's, and are open to making new friends.

On Wednesday, we'll be heading back to Taipei, so if there are any places you could suggest for the same purpose it'd be really appreciated. I've taken her to Shi Men Ding, Taipei 101, Sun Yatsen Memorial, Taipei Underground Mall, Mitsukoshi Mall Complex. We're also looking to meet new people who are laid back and want to have a good time - I should warn you that conversing might be in english since she's korean, and my mandarin is sub-par. We're looking for nice bars and clubs to spend the nights as price isn't an issue - we're here to have a blast!

Thanks for any tips you can give! And it's embarrassing to put myself out there, but if you ever want to grab a drink, just send me a message!

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