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Arriving in Taipei next month

Looks like I will be spending Christmas in Taipei. This is my first time teaching out of the US, and the first time I will be living for an extended time outside the US as well. My school is in the Linkou district, but it looks like it might be quite a distance from the city. I have many questions, but I will start with the most important: What do people do in Taipei to have fun? I have heard of K-Bars and night clubs, which sounds like fun to me, but what else is there to do? Golf? movies(can you find them in English)? Bowling? Billiards?
Im fairly easy to please, but I am worried I will have trouble making friends when there is the language barrier.

Anyhoo....I hope I will not be totally depressed this next year, but my back up plan is bringing along my PS3.

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