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Expat seeking (affordable) immersion housing (Taipei)

Hi All,

I'll be moving to Taipei at the end of the month, and have been looking for a place to stay for a while. Though there are lots of apartments in the city, I've got a few preferences I'm hoping the InterNations community can help out with.

1. Chinese-speaking flatmates. My main reason for moving to Taiwan is to improve my Mandarin. I am already very comfortable conversing in Mandarin, (but my reading of traditional Chinese is pretty bad), and I know the best way is to be exposed to as much of it as possible. I love the convenience of Taipei, but I know the easy access to English is going to be a roadblock to improving if I don't surround myself in the right environment.

2. Community / Alternative-style living. Though I am not looking for a home stay per se, I would be interested in living and helping out among some local community looking for volunteers or a bit of "house help." It could be a great way to find affordable living and might expose me to lots of different kinds of locals.

3. Location and Price. I'll be studying at National Taiwan University, so something reasonably close (or at least close to the metro) would be nice. Also, I will be returning to poor student life, so cheaper would be nice...

Maybe these are too specific of requirements, but if anyone knows of any share houses, communities, or websites that might be of interest to me, please message me or leave a comment.

Thanks in advance!

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