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Help with Luxury Housing and Various Other Things! (Taipei)


Hello all!
I am brand new to the forum. Some background: I have lived in mainland China, and my Mandarin is quite good, perhaps native by some standards. I am originally from Austria and grew up in NYC, but I am heading to Taipei, Taiwan next year to live, along with my family!

My questions are:

Section 1: Housing Protected content and furnished, with garage space for car and motorcycle)
1. For housing, I have budgeted myself around $8,000 to $9,000 USD a month. I have looked at several places online, and I think I can live in some nice areas for that price range. Perhaps Xinyi or Tianmu, Neihu?
2. I wanted to know if in Taiwan it is possible to rent an apartment or house, and have built into the lease some maid services and nanny services? In mainland this is possible. With that in mind the $8,000 to $9,000 USD figure for monthly rent should include the maid and nanny services, but not a live in.
3. How much are nanny and maid services in general in Taipei?
4. I am estimating around $ Protected content a month for utilities (water, gas, electric, etc.), does that sound accurate? How much a month for internet and cable?
5. I have found that from internet searches the Xinyi, Tianmu, and Neihu areas seem to be the nicer places to live, is that correct in terms of newer buildings and luxury style living?
6. In Xinyi, are there nice parks and some open areas for my children to play? I have read that Xinyi is supposed to be similar to Manhattan, does that mean there are more luxury shops and high rise buildings?
7. What would be the most fashionable and newest luxury apartment building in those three areas to live (Xinyi, Tianmu, Neihu)?
8. Are there any new houses (not apartments) in Xinyi, Tainmu, or Neihu?
9. Can anyone recommend a good relocation specialist that could possibly assist with all this? Not just a realtor, but someone that can facilitate various things like car, schools, etc.
10. If someone does have an excellent realtor though, that would be great too!
11. I am looking for a combination of new building (either apartment or house), open spaces nearby (parks, playgrounds), close to the financial sector, close to western or luxury shops and malls, and close to food shopping (preferably some type of western food brands available there as well). Do any of the three neighborhoods I mentioned meet the above criteria?
12. Also forgot to add that I would want some kind of security in the building. I am assuming a doorman building or if it is a house some kind of outdoor 24 hour security guard and walls around the place. Is this normal in Taipei?

Section 2: Vehicle Leasing
1. Are there any Taiwanese brand vehicles, and if so, what are they like? Reliable, cheap, etc?
2. What type of vehicle would $4,000 USD a month get me for a year lease, with insurance, and possibly driver? Looking for an SUV suitable for a large family.
3. Is it possible to build into the lease a personal driver? This is possible in mainland.
4. Can I build the car insurance into the lease?
5. Is parking a difficulty in Taipei, is it worse than NYC?

Apologies for the incredibly long first post, but if anyone wants to assist that would be great!

Thanks again!

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