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I'm going in blind! (Taipei)


Hello fellow expats :D

I'm moving to Taipei on the 27th, I'm very excited. I'm happy to know that I have a place to stay thanks to a Taiwanese friend I made here in Houston. I'm paying her Protected content which sounds perfectly reasonable to me compared to prices I've seen around the web, I just have no idea where the place is or what it looks like. I kind of think it's rude to ask haha.

I was hoping someone here could help me. I asked for the address so that I could look it up on google maps and kind of familiarize myself with the streets and part of what she gave me is this "Ronghua Road, Taipei 19, Lane 6" (The rest is the floor and apartment number I think) I couldn't find it on google.

I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me on this part of town. If you could maybe send me a link it on google maps that would be great! Thanks!

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