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Job opening for Hardware Engineer (Taipei)

A UK based Luxury phone brand is looking for a Hardware Engineer and they asked me to spread the word. Specs are as follows;

Needs to be proactive, with a broad HW experience to enable involvement in discussions, troubleshooting and issue resolution across a range of HW disciplines, including RF, BB, Antennas and Acoustics.

Must have hands on experience and be able to take an active role in troubleshooting HW developments and issues with the ODM partner.

Requirements: To support the HW activities with the ODM partner;
To track progress and form a bridge between the UK HW team and the ODM HW team;
To be the troubleshooter, helping to resolve HW design issues with the ODM partner;

Benefits: Will be able to quickly assess issues with the ODM partner face to face and report back to UK HW team; Will help minimize travel to Taipei by taking on some of the HW tasks directly with the ODM partner;

Just contact me, if you think you are or know the right candidate, and we'll take it from there

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