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Looking for new Job Opportunities (Taipei)

My name is Jose Lopes Amaral. I am a Taiwan based a professional Window Display Designer (Visual Merchandiser) and Photo Journalist actually teaching myself Graphic Design in order to switch my career.
I study Window Display Designer in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is the country where I born and where I grow up. After 3 years apprenticeship in Window Display Design (Visual Merchandising), Art and Advertising I finally obtain my Diploma in Protected content . Since then I worked almost all of the time in this field and have today more than 15 year’s experience in Window Display Design. But I also have experience in Management of Fast Food Restaurant (McDonalds Manager) and some in other fields (Marketing Coordination and Graphic Design, Translation and Sales).
I am also a freelance Photo Journalist and passionate Photographer and have been shooting for the International Press.
I traveled a bit around and lived in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands and France before moving to the Asian Continent.
I speak fluently French, German, Portuguese, and Luxembourgish I also speak English, Spanish and understand Italian and speak also few words of Mandarin.
Since I decide to start my career as a Graphic Designer I have been teaching myself the basics of Graphic Design and how to work with the software used by the industry. Actually I am looking for an job opportunity or a kind of internship where I could work and on same time learn “the real life “of a Graphic Designer in a company. I am married to a Taiwanese Woman so I have a Spouse Arc that makes it more very easier to hire a Foreign in Taiwan.
If you think my profiles could fit in your company don’t hesitate to contact me for an appointment?

Best Regards,

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