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Modeling/Acting in Taiwan (Taipei)

Happy New Year everyone. My name is Stewart. I am an actor and agent working for V&L Models and Talent in Taiwan. This is our website: Protected content

For more than 15 years, this Western owned and operated agency has helped thousands of expats and their families get legal, high paying jobs in the acting and modelling industry. We import overseas models from around the world and have the largest Children's roster in Taiwan.

And we are always looking to expand our rosters for all ages. So if you are a teacher, a parent, an overseas student or just someone interested in pursuing work in this lucrative industry, give me a call. I can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My number is Protected content .

I've started this thread to inform this community of the various casting opportunities that come across my desk. If you feel you or some one you know fits the details, please contact me. I'll be very happy to share my experience.

Protected content to be a big year here at V&L. We have recently signed some big casting houses up to exclusive contracts. What does that mean? Well, a word. When these productions are looking for western faces and talent, they will be coming to us exclusively to fill their roles. This means a lot more legal jobs for all you. If you have any special skills, we are particularly interested in representing you. We are looking for faces of all ages. Yes, all ages. We need people of all body types as well. I am pear shaped and get lots of work. We aren't just looking for Caucasians either. All ethnicities are welcome. We are especially interested in 3 month old babies (and up) as well as over 50 years of age and older.

Being represented by V&L is a no cost, no obligation arrangement. We take your pictures for free, put you on the roster under either our exclusive talent registry or, if you prefer, our freelance registry. Of course kids have their own registry as well.

Call me today for a free consultation.



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