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Moving to Taipei


My husband and I are relocating to Taipei from Australia at the end of August (so soon!!!)

Seeing how my husband has a job waiting for him and I'll be the one in charge of finding us a place to live and basically settle us in I ask for your help!
I don't even know where to start.
How does it work with renting a house/apartment? are there real-estate agencies?
And is it hard getting a job as an English teacher if I don't come from an English speaking country but speak English as if I did?
And basically how is it? the whole move to a new culture when I don't yet speak the language?
I'd like to hear also from partners of expats that were in the same situation as I am going to be when the partner has a job waiting for him/her...
Wow that was a long message, basically I would be grateful for any advise/tips/personal experiences you would like to share..
And this is my e-mail in case you would like to send me a message on Facebook: "" at gmail dott com

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