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Possible move to Taipei

Hello fellow expats :)

My husband has been offered an expat job in Taipei and we are considering the move. We have two kids, 6 and 3, and have lived in several countries in Europe and in the US before. But never in Asia, where we expect a culture shock.... of course a trip there is necessary to be able to take a decision but we do have some questions in the meantime.

Everything we hear about Taipei is positive, but we are worried about the climate which sounds a bit rough. How bad is it in Monsoon season? Can you still walk around the city or does it get flooded everywhere? What about the earthquakes and typhoons? Is it true that it is mostly grey and the sun sometimes hides for a month or two?

My husband's office would be near the Protected content and the kids would be going to the European School. Which areas would you recommend for us to look for an apartment, and what budget should we consider for a nice 4 bedroom apt? Any specific buildings recommendations, maybe with pool and gym? Does central AC exist (as we have only seen wall units on the pictures)? Are there neighborhoods with parks and children's playgrounds?

We also heard that people stop you in the street to take pictures of your kids, especially if they are blond, is this true? On one side, Taipei sounds very modern and westernized, but you also hear quite the opposite... Thoughts?

Last but not least, we were told yesterday that the political situation in Taiwan is unstable. True?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts, recommendations, and comments.

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