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Taiwan vs. Singapore (Taipei)

I am considering relocating from Singapore to Taiwan. I work Protected content in SG and rent is very expensive. I have lived in SG for 2 years and enjoy traveling in SE Asia and outdoor activities (biking, swimming, hiking, etc.). I am looking for a better work opportunity and hopefully saving money. I will be living in Taipei and working near Dingxi MRT.

How does the cost of living compare between SG and Taiwan?
Where are the nightlife and bar districts? Residential districts for young expats?
What is the approximate rent for a 1-bedroom with modern facilities?
Do landlords treat expats well?
Are there Western style grocery stores?
How much does a lunch and dinner cost at a restaurant that serves American or Western food? [I am a healthy eater that likes fresh veggies and fruit.]
Are there running trails or bike paths in Taipei? Are there running/biking/triathlon groups? Is there pollution?
Is it easy and convenient to travel to Taiwan's beaches and mountains on weekends?
Are most expats ESL teachers or office workers?
Is TW truly a tax-friendly country? I read that foreigners must pay an 18% withholding tax and that this process is complicated.
What is the typical yearly bonus in TW? Does TW award a 13-month bonus?
With company sponsorship, is it easy for foreigners to obtain their work permit, banking account, apartment, utilities, etc.?
Is TW fun for Western women?
Are Taiwanese people friendly?
If you had a choice between Singapore and Taiwan, which one would you choose and why? :)

Thank you very much for reading! I'm looking forward to your advice.

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