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Urgent Help Please - Housing Costs (Taipei)


My husband has been offered a new job in Taiwan. His position will be in Chiayi but we will have to relocate to Taipei in order to send our daughter to the European School.
We will be provided with a housing allowance but due to the location of the job, we are going to have to fund two properties, one in Taipei and one in Chiayi.

We really are struggling to find any credible information on the costs of renting property in Taiwan and we must give our final decision on this job offer soon.

We would like a three bedroomed property in Taipei in the general vicinity of the European School and a one bedroomed property for my husband to use from Mon-Fri down in Chiayi. The company have offered an allowance of approx. NT48, 000.

I realise that this allowance may not fully cover the cost of two properties, but can anybody provide an up to date guideline of what rental costs we can expect to pay....the clock is ticking and we desperately need some help!!

Many thanks in advance. :-)


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