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Calling to your family?? (Tallinn)

Hi Guys,

How do you guys call to your family in your home country? I did not see any way yet advertised in Estonia on cheaper calls to foreign countries? Does everyone use their mobile or Skype or do they have any alternative ways here?

I do use my husbands call devices and use the internet to call to my family in Pakistan and the Netherlands and to call Pakistan I have a rate of 0.015 USD for example per minute, it is really much cheaper then 2 euro by mobile.

What is your experience in this?

If someone is interested in rates from our call device just give me up to which country you are calling, to fixed line of to mobile and what the rate is which you use at the moment, I will then review our system and what rates I do have applicable for that certain situation....

Hear from you guys :)


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