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eParticipation manual draft waiting for comments (Tallinn)

Dear expats and friends!

During the past year you may have heard that at Tallinn University we are putting together a manual, with suggestions, how to take initiative and join in the activities in Estonian society, taking advantage of the existing free internet tools.

If you would like to be among the first ones to see, what this manual is going to be about and are even willing to comment it and leave your suggestions for improvement, then please visit the address Protected content .

The manual is like an internet web-site, where you can add your comments and suggestions in the end of every page. No need to log in or register.

This is a first version we would like to show to InterNations members, and ask your opinion, wether the content of the manual is interesting and useful to you, and to other people in your circle of friends or the communities you belong to.

Some of the chapters are still obviously very raw, others are more close to becoming ready (like chapter Protected content with Others).

We gladly recieve every comment until, January 3, Protected content . After that we will take into account all the comments arrived and compose a final version by mid-January. The final version will then be translated to Estonian, Swedish, Finnish, and hopefully also into Russian, and officially published in the beginning of March.

With best wishes to you all and thank you very much for your comments!

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