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Idea for a fine dining group (Tallinn)


I'm into good food and the whole dining out experience, and given the huge number of good restaurants in Tallinn these days would like to sample their food in the company of an international group.
I'd like to set up a group to eat at the best restaurants in Tallinn according to Tripadvisor. I would ask the top 25 restaurants to offer a fixed price tasting menu or plat du jour and offer them a write up on Internations Estonia and Tripadvisor and would also suggest a slow midweek night as an incentive to cooperate. The report would be an agreed version following feedback collected at the event from the diners.
The good places are not cheap, and we're probably looking at ca. €40 per head at least excluding drinks and tips, but we would know the price in advance and could budget accordingly. I think the restaurants would also demand bookings of at least six people.
So, rather than just starting another activity group, I thought I would use the Town Forum to see how many people would be interested in a monthly top restaurant experience. Any opinions in any language would be welcome.

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