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Seeking employment in Tallinn ASAP

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for reading!

I am a British MA graduate and experienced Project Manager looking for employment in any capacity in Tallinn, as soon as possible.

Just to explain a little - my motivation for moving to Estonia is for personal reasons - my fiancee lives there and so I am desperate to move out there and be with her. I visit very often and am well immersed in the Estonian culture and customs. I have completely fallen in love with the place and, due to the fact that we are to be married later this year, I need to be there as soon as possible.

I am highly academically qualified, and have 3+ years of practical management experience, as well as a host of vocational qualities that make me an excellent candidate for employment. I also have teaching experience but no formal training in this...

I have already uploaded my CV to CV Online and CV Keskus and am trying to apply to open positions as much as possible.

Is there anything that anyone can suggest to help me? Has anyone been through this process before? Or maybe you even know someone who can offer me a job!?

Many thanks in advance for your help and support, it's really very much appreciated.

Best wishes,


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