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Selling a car in Tashkent - if coming from abroad


There's a charity rally organized from Budapest-Tashkent end of August and 6 of us are planning to join: Protected content We just came back from an African charity rally but Uzbekistan seems like a great opportunity, so why not.

Since I'm pretty confident I can find my way around Russia and Kazakhstan, but I know much less about Uzbekistan, I was hoping you'd be able to help me out:
1) We plan to come with 3 cars – is it possible to sell them in Tashkent so we can fly back? If yes, I'll have several follow-up questions, e.g. what kind of car to buy.
2) I'm reading about the police roadblocks – in Africa they were easily solvable with minor bribes, such as pens, T-shirts etc. How is this solved in Uzbekistan?

Any other advice you can give us would be immensely appreciated!

Thank you!


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