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A Lot of Questions About Georgia (Tbilisi)

Hello All,

I have a few questions to ask from the forum. Appreciate your kind advice in advance.

Am considering a move to Georgia but will like to clear a few things up first.

How readily available are expat HR jobs with multinational companies? I can't seem to find any job site asides

Am currently in Dubai and have a strong HR Employee Relations and Operations background within the oil and gas sector. I would like to continue my career in this path.

What are the salary expectations? How much can i save per month after expenses? What are the safe neighborhoods to live in and rent prices?

Will my employer have to sponsor my work permit before arrival or i do that myself? I get a Protected content arrival visa i think.

Have read mixed reviews about the community. Are they expat friendly? As i will like to explore the small towns and interact with the locals. Is it realistic to have up to 3 vacations per year based on my pay? Protected content

How active is the expat community there? Am single is it easy to date in Georgia?

Sorry for the many questions but i just want to make a well informed decision.

I look forward to your responses.

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