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Accounting and Legal consalting (Tbilisi)

Accounting Services:

Full accounting services for a current year;
Set up accounting system in a start-up companies;
Develop an accounting policy document and accounting manual and upgrade them afterwards;
Prepare tax returns and develop forms required by the state bodies;
Process information and present them to the tax authority and other state bodies;
Tax reporting;
Forecast and plan taxes;
Prepare information on accounts receivables and payables;
Monitor tax liabilities and risks;
Prepare financial statements;
Prepare a statement on current accounts receivables and liabilities;
Plan flow of inventory;
Plan cash flows.

Restore records of previous periods:

Prepare, sort and automate of according documents from last periods;
Bring the financial accounting to the international standards and tax legislation of Georgia;
Correct accounting and tax drawbacks of the last periods;
Lay out ways to improve accounting;
Systemize preparation of primary tax documents;
Engage different specialists (construction engineers, energy specialist, machine-operators, IT specialists) by specificity of mistakes and the fields.

Prepare financial statements;

Present information in compliance with IRFS for auditing;
Prepare financial statements and submit it at a time of selling a company;
Prepare a report for short-term and long-term investments;
Submit accounting date to the bank (to obtain a credit).

Service of Chief Accountant

Prepare tax returns and forms (monthly, annual);
Process information in course of tax audit;
Process information in case of tax disputes.

Result of accounting services:

The founders and the management will be informed about financial issues of the company in a timely manner;
Further improve information exchange between the founders and the management;
Present information to the Tax Service and other state bodies and be responsible for its completeness;
We protect professional confidentiality indefinitely and will issue the client’s information to a third party only if instructed by the client.
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